The Letter From the Farmer

There came a letter
In the mail today
From a farmer who
Had gone away.

And hurting as
I was back then
I read the letter
Of my friend

“To all my love ones
I wish you well
But stop and listen
I have a tale to tell

First of all
Do not fear
For I am not gone
Though I’m not near

And Fret you not
For the crops are in
And my lessons taught
My pride is stronger now than has ever been

With a healthy land
Which brings much yield
With young children
Playing, in the field
With able men
To lead them on
And proud women
To keep them strong

So when you wonder
What is left of me
Look around you
For these are my legacy

But the greatest part
Is yet to tell
So listen hard
And listen well

For on the day
I first arrived
There shown a light
That filled my eyes

And as I laid
In the flower bed
I was greeted
By a man who said

“Come to me”
And then I saw
In that old trick knee
The pain was gone
And I was free
My back was fixed
So I stood tall
When again I heard that man’s call
“Come to me”
With strength again was my first step
As my joy filled eyes they wept
“Come to me” the voice did say
And I kid you not
I ran. I ran to him that day

So don’t you cry,
The letter read to me,
You shouldn’t fear now
Because I did not leave
And I know it’s hard
But you’re not alone
Because I am not gone
I’ve just gone home.